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It’s essential that your head-shot accurately and attractively communicate your individuality and personality. That image is your calling card, and is what clients or talent searchers see first. Located in the Frederick area, Jeff Behm is the go-to photographer for images that consistently meet with approval by decision makers. We are proud of the large number of executives, musicians and actors working in television or on the stage who come back to us for their updated portraits.

It can be professionally damaging to use cell phone photos or snapshots for this important use, yet we see it happen every day. People who hire talent expect professional portraits. Shortcuts like low quality photos (like those so often on Facebook) indicate lack of commitment. The wrong approach can lose you the job, a very costly mistake. It is far more cost effective to have Jeff create a professional head-shot. Anything less puts too much at risk.

Simple Headshot. Created in our studio, typically 20-30 minutes, One Look (clothing / lighting) includes your favorite 2 images from your online gallery. Basic retouching of your selection is included. Just $325. Second person, same benefits, same session, add $175.

There are other options for more elaborate sessions and on location portraits, plus company plans for individuals and groups. Also see executive portraits.

Call 724-730-8513 for a quote according to details such as location, number of people, number of photos desired.

50% retainer required to schedule your appointment, balance due at time of photography.

We happily provide guidance to our clients in preparation for photography.

Additional images from your session, just $75 each, retouched.
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