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With 33 years of professional photography experience around the globe, I'm now located in Frederick, MD, but still traveling the world to meet your needs.

As a photographer specializing in food, jewelry, product and executive portraiture, it's a joy to create images to meet the needs of local, regional national and international firms like Praxair, Werner Ladders, Joy Cones, Trinity Inc., Lowe's Home Improvement, Reliant Electric, Parker-Hannifin, Berner International (air doors) and other major corporations, as well as provide images for publications like Cheers, Appalachian, Pittsburgh and TIME Magazines.

With my western Pennsylvania roots, it's no surprise that industry has figured prominently in my work. That region has a long history with china, pottery, and steel. Now there is also food and jewelry added to that list, with companies like Steelite, Shenango Pottery, Subway Sandwiches, Gorant Candies, King's Jewelry and Vortex 13 Jewelry.