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It's so important that your business portrait or head-shot accurately but attractively communicate your individuality and personality. That image is your calling card, and is what clients see first. Located in the Frederick area, Jeff Behm is the “go-to” photographer for images that consistently are met with approval by decision makers. We are proud of the large number of executives, musicians and acting students who come back to us for their updated portraits.

It can be very damaging professionally to use your cell phone or have a less skilled friend snap your picture standing in front of a wall, yet we see this happen. Professional and portfolio portraits should not be low level images like those found on Facebook. The wrong approach typically produces results that have little in common with the expectations of those hiring or making decisions based on the image. This then becomes a costly mistake in terms of lost work and opportunities. It’s far more cost effective to have Jeff create a professional head-shot. Anything less puts too much at risk.

Typically, a headshot session can be completed in our studio in a half hour or so. Add another 45 minutes if you are planning to have an on-set makeup artist. We also can shoot on location or on your business premises. This can be especially helpful when you want to create headshots of your entire staff or team, without requiring them to take time out of their busy day to travel to the studio. Starting at just 279, in studio
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