Is This Year Your Wedding Year?

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First things first, our heartfelt congratulations!  Other than our own birth and the  birth of our own children, this is arguably the most important day in any of our lives. If you’re not nervous, and are completely confident, wonderful!  It’s the best of all places emotionally.

But if you're nervous or anxious going forward, who can blame you?  It’s huge, and you’ve agreed to take part!  You can be forgiven for having moments when you wonder, “What was I thinking?”


No matter which of those best describes you, we want you to know that at Jeff Behm Photography, we understand.  We've been around long enough to know what's happening, and with over 500 weddings photographed - from the United Kingdom to Houston, TX. and from Connecticut to Cleveland.  So, while our business is to create the ultimate in beautiful photographic interpretations of your wedding day, we are also firmly grounded in the concerns and realities of weddings, and want to be as helpful as we can be.


Centered in historic Gaithersburg, MD we are perfectly situated to serve the Frederick, Washington, Baltimore region.  We love what we do, and it shows in our photographs of brides, couples and the events of your big day.


So how can we best help you?  By drawing upon what we’ve learned in over 500 weddings and passing it on to you so you can make your decisions based on the real life experience of someone who will be there with you throughout the day.


Here’s a very simple idea from our planning literature that goes a long way:

It is very important that your Bridal Party and families on both sides know what is expected of them on this day.  This day will be exhausting for all concerned and people who do not understand what you are doing will be less helpful than those who do understand.  Remember, this is probably the most important day in your life. 

The members of your Bridal Party are there to help you.  It is an honor to be included.   It is also important to consider things like bachelor/bachelorette parties.  Since this is an exhausting day, a hangover will not make it better.  Since it is probable that you are spending a great deal of money this day, do your best to let everyone in your group know that the things you have planned are exactly how you want them, and you are counting on their enthusiasm and cooperation.  It will show in your portraits.


It’s a fact of human behavior that our expectations of an event are based upon our past experience.  Now, what happens if the people in our wedding have different expectations of what is happening and when?  Will they, like many people, dig in their heels at the sudden change from their expectations?  Will that affect their cooperation?  While people are different, we have seen it have a negative impact and want to give you the opportunity to avoid this problem.



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